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The New Yorker’s Shane Farley has written a riveting article about the founding of the Campaign for Community Oversight in the American School system by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Farley has written a lot about the idea of the first students of the Civil Rights Movement attending schools that “required a sense of conformity in order to reach the national consciousness.”

Farley has made a powerful case against the administration’s rush to educate a poor black or Latino child in a white school without regard to his cultural or racial heritage. Farley concludes that “someone had to organize for a movement of radical students, an idea that has not resulted in a cohesive mass movement.”

Second Thoughts:
One thing I was reminded of today was the previously mentioned “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or even the anti-Communist political film “The Rebel”. The professors calling for the violence of the Civil Rights movement seemed to me to have the same agenda as the armed racist militia who gave blood for the freedom of John Brown. Surely history cannot be laid to rest so easily.
We learned today that Egypt’s ruler will have a new hard time being praised for the “peaceful” transition that he must follow up with what has become a long, grinding process. His nation, then, will be different from America but will have all the elements of the old freedoms that America had to have.

In the end, as the captain of the Titanic said to Lady Bird Johnson; “The ship has run aground; get out, I have a new ship to sail on.”—Warren G. Harding (1889-1968)

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